Marathon iPhone Ringtones

Marathon_logoI played so much multi-player marathon in the mid-late 90’s that I remember those maps as if I actually physically walked them.  Our version of the game was hyper.  We had our own custom physics with punch to fly and modified weapons that shot faster and had bigger clips. It was called Adrenaline. We played a lot of one against one games and team games.  I remember one map was called 101 Deaths Per Minute and it was no lie.  Especially with our Adrenaline physics.  So these sounds take me back.  Hearing them brings up memories of places I never actually were and of things I never actually did.

I tossed together a big batch of marathon ringtones.  It’s basically the full marathon game sound library converted to .m4r’s and zipped up.  Unzip them and drop them in to iTunes, from there copy or sync them to your phone, and they should be ready to use.

The marathon theme song has been re-edited to make it short enough to use as a ring tone.

I also think there’s something pretty cool about using the sounds of the ships computer from the marathon game for incoming texts.

Here’s a full list of the sounds:

ah ah oh oh.m4r
ahhh burned up.m4r
ahhh haaa haha.m4r
ammo up.m4r
beleep switch.m4r
bot aware.m4r
bot rotate.m4r
frog blast the vent core.m4r
he killed bob.m4r
he look dead to you.m4r
i got a signal here.m4r
i got him.m4r
i got one one me ahhh.m4r
i got visual.m4r
i love you man.m4r
im comin out of the booth.m4r
im on it.m4r
im readin organics.m4r
key click.m4r
lock on my signal beep.m4r
marathon theme.m4r
ok lets rip it up.m4r
ready for evac.m4r
traitorous pig.m4r
we got a live one here.m4r
whos side are you on.m4r

The zip of the ringtones is located here.
The zip of the adrenaline physics is here.