Marathon iPhone Ringtones

Marathon_logoI played so much multi-player marathon in the mid-late 90’s that I remember those maps as if I actually physically walked them.  Our version of the game was hyper.  We had our own custom physics with punch to fly and modified weapons that shot faster and had bigger clips. It was called Adrenaline. We played a lot of one against one games and team games.  I remember one map was called 101 Deaths Per Minute and it was no lie.  Especially with our Adrenaline physics.  So these sounds take me back.  Hearing them brings up memories of places I never actually were and of things I never actually did.

I tossed together a big batch of marathon ringtones.  It’s basically the full marathon game sound library converted to .m4r’s and zipped up.  Unzip them and drop them in to iTunes, from there copy or sync them to your phone, and they should be ready to use. Continue reading