iApp Revenue Modeling (updated for 2013)


App Annie changed their url scheme today and these links no longer work to see revenue for a specific apple fiscal month.  Now each individual user or company has a id number that has to be embedded in the link.  In my opinion there’s no good reason for this or any security benefit as the links have always been contextual to the user who is logged in.  Me using these links shows my revenue only.  You using them shows your revenue only.  Since the link didn’t have anything to do with WHO we were and there was no user or company id in the url, there was no risk of seeing someone else’s revenue or someone seeing yours.  But today app annie changed their scheme and now to see my revenue for a date range there is a /number/ in the link, which I can only assume is my company id or my user id.  This really messes things up and I’m very bummed.

It means that I can’t provide generic links here that will work for everyone.  Your links are now different than mine as our /numbers/ are different.  I don’t see any advantage for anyone on this, but it’s the way it is today.

It’s a real shame that they’ve made these changes. This was the main way I used app annie: several times a month I would go to my blog here and click on the current fiscal month to see how I’m doing.  This allowed me to see my revenue long before apple sent out revenue reports.  And for a small company like mine, it is very helpful.  Unless they change it back I won’t be doing it this way, and I can’t provide generic links for you either.  I’ll have to make a private list of links that include my secret company id in them, probably paste them into Notes on my phone and use that to check things.  It’s a real bummer.

I’ve emailed Bertrand Schmitt at app annie who I’ve spoken to before and asked him to respond. He forwarded it to someone on his team to look into it.  I’ll update again here later to let you know what happens.

Original article:

If you’re like me and you rely on your iOS iApp revenue to pay the bills, it’s helpful to have an idea of how well you’re doing, how much revenue is coming in, and be able to calculate it before Apple releases the actual reports.

For the longest time I would sort of guess what my revenue would be each month.  I’d look at sales reports, guess a date range and hope that it was close. Somewhere in the middle of the month I’d start getting emails stating that financial reports are available per region.  Eventually all regions would be in and I’d finally have a good idea of what my next check would be.

But this month Apple is just now starting to release revenue reports for February, and I had a good idea of what my next check would be about a month ago.  Of course it’s not that complicated and I just needed to open my eyes and look for the answer. Continue reading

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